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75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
Printable Bridal Shower Party Games: Instantly Print from Your Printer75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Printable Bridal Shower Games
Free Bridal Shower Games
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Caught In the Middle
Musical bags anyone? Here's a fun wedding shower game that anyone can play. Include all of your guests in this one. It only takes a bit of planning ahead of time to really pull it off. Try not to get caught in the middle of this game. Gather several common household items (make-up, baby food, clothing items) and several small brown lunch bags. Place one item in each lunch bag. Have your guests sit in a circle and start playing some music, the guests will pass the bag around until the music stops. The person holding the bag will go into the center of the circle along with the person who handed her the bag. Blindfold the two guests and have the person who was holding the bag use the item on the other guest (feed them baby food, put make-up on them, put the clothing item on them). You'll get a laugh at the two caught in the middle trying to figure out what to do with the mystery object. Make sure that you take lots of pictures of guests having fun with this bridal shower game. Party favors will make the perfect gifts for the participants!

Purse Power
What's in your bag? Who has the purse power? Before the wedding shower, the hostess will need to make a list of common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman's purse. Give each item a point value. Common items should have a low point value, while uncommon items should have a higher point value. Liven things up a bit by including a condom on your list and assign it a 20 point value. You can get really creative with your list, but make sure to include a few very common items so that everyone can get at least a few points. Call off the items in the list one at a time and have each woman search her purse. If she has that item, she gives herself the appropriate amount of points. When all items have been called off the person with the most points wins the game and the fabulous Bridal Shower Prize. You could have party favors for the 2nd runner up and 3rd etc. Having the house nicely decorated with the appropriate Wedding Shower Decorations will make the event all the more festive!

Musical Bouquet
Who will be left holding the bouquet? Are you looking for a fun game to play at your Wedding shower? The host of any bridal shower has to play some fun games with her guests to keep them entertained. This is a great choice to consider. Musical bouquet is like musical chairs, but with a twist. For this game you will need a bouquet of flowers and a CD. Have the guests stand in a circle, they will pass the bouquet around while the music is playing. When the music stops the guest with the bouquet will sit down. Then the bouquet is given to the person standing to her left and the music is started again. This is repeated until only one guest is left standing with the bouquet, they are the winner and should get to keep the flowers plus win the Wedding shower prize! This is a fun bridal shower game that everyone will enjoy especially when they receive party favors from the bridal shower to take home.

How well can you remember things? You may remember this bridal shower game as a game that you played when you were younger. Consider this game for your next wedding shower and your guests will love it. Operator really puts your memory to the test. Have the guests sit in a circle, starting with the guest to the left of the bride have them say "My name is Mary and I am going to Jennifer's bridal shower and I brought many muffin tins" (The point is to make your "gift" start with the first letter of your name. This is very important because it is a clue for the other part of the game.) Then the person sitting to their left would say "My name is Sally and I am going to Jennifer's bridal shower and I brought seven silky slips and Mary brought many muffin tins." Continue around the circle with each person saying their name and "gift" and then also reciting the names and "gifts" of the people who had already taken their turn. While it can be a bit difficult for some, they will love trying to play this bridal shower game! As each guest is eliminated when they can't remember, you should end up with one or two winners. Give them wonderful wedding shower prizes and have party favors for the rest of your guests!

Scavenger Hunt
Bar hopping with the bride! Here's a great way to add a lot of fun to any wedding shower. When it is just a group of girls, this is the perfect way to be celebrating a marriage. Before the girls arrive at the party, make a list of bars to go to that night along with a list of items for the bride to collect for a scavenger hunt. Try having her get 10 phone numbers from bar A, 10 business cards from patrons at bar B, and 50 pennies from bar C. You can even label the bride as "Bride-to-Be" and have her wear a wedding veil. The guests will have so much fun participating in her memorable evening too! Have lots of party favors for the guests and be sure to take lots of pictures all night long. You, the bride and the guests will remember this one. A wedding shower out with the girls is one of the most fun ways for the bride to celebrate with her family and friends! Free Bridal Shower Games with printable games that can be instantly printed right from your printer.  

Are you having a buffet?  Free printable food label cards add a lovely touch to any display of delicious chow at an engagement party or bridal shower.

When it comes to taking pictures at a bridal shower, disposable cameras work just fine. Some people go back and forth on whether or not to hire a photographer. In this case a plain camera will work just fine. It is better to use a disposable if there is a possibility it could get left somewhere or damaged.
Here is a wedding custom about kissing that comes from the Swedish folk so everyone gets a shot at kissing the bride and groom. When the bride or groom happen to leave the room during the reception, eager guests line up for a kiss. Sounds like a pretty loving party!

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