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75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
Printable Bridal Shower Party Games: Instantly Print from Your Printer75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Free Bridal Shower Games
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Did you know the Maid of Honor is expected
to "say a few words" at the wedding?
Find the Perfect Toast that
takes a backseat to no Best Man!

At Instant Wedding Toasts

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Maid of Honor Speech
Fill-in-the-Blank & Semi-Customized Speeches

* Captivate the audience with your speech so they listen to it entirely
* Be met with laughter, tears and roaring applause
* Have the confidence of a well-written speech standing behind you
* Look like you've done this a million times before (even if it's a first!) 

Maid of Honor - Speeches, Toasts, Examples Customized
To Your Exclusive Role!

These speeches have been expertly written with gracious introductions, emotional segments, and engaging character. All you need to do is inject your personality by filling in a few blanks with your favorite memories of the bride and groom...and even this part has examples! It couldn't get any easier unless someone else stood up and gave the speech!
Maid of Honor Speeches You Can Use For Any Situation
Matron of Honor Speeches
A Sister's Speech to the Bride
Sentimental Speeches & Toasts Personalized with Favorite Memories of the Bride
Short and Sweet Toasts from the Maid of Honor or Friends to the Bride and Groom
A Maid of Honor Speech From a Family Member
A Sister's Speech to the Groom
Humorous Speeches With Your Favorite Memories of the Bride and Groom
Short and Sweet Toasts to the Bride and Groom
Maid of Honor Speeches for Bride's Second Marriage
Religious Blessing for the Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Reception
Maid of Honor Speeches For a Bride and Groom Who Already Have Children
Over 20 Fill-In-The-Blank Everything is-Already-In-The-Right-Place Maid of Honor & Matron of Honor Templates…
Over 20 Additional Example Speeches … Free Bridal Shower Games with printable games that can be instantly printed right from your printer.  

Are you having a buffet?  Free printable food label cards add a lovely touch to any display of delicious chow at an engagement party or bridal shower.

Bridal shower games are fun and the Bag game is no exception. Give each guest a paper bag and have them all place it over their head at the same time. Then, ask each person to remove one article from them. Only a few people will remove the bag. Keep going until the last one with a bag over their head remains.
Here is a wedding custom about kissing that comes from the Swedish folk so everyone gets a shot at kissing the bride and groom. When the bride or groom happen to leave the room during the reception, eager guests line up for a kiss. Sounds like a pretty loving party!

Wedding Toasts
Wedding Toasts: Best Man, Bride, Groom, Father, Speeches
Wedding Toasts
Best Man, Bride, Groom...

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