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75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
Printable Bridal Shower Party Games: Instantly Print from Your Printer75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Free Bridal Shower Games
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I Never . . .
What have you "never done"? Have you ever played "I Never"? For this game you will need small objects such as coins, candies, or buttons, and a bowl. The hostess begins the game by making a true statement starting with the phrase "I have never". (Example: "I have never been to Paris.") If anyone playing has done what the speaker says she has never done, they will throw one of their small objects into the bowl. The game continues until each person has told the players something they have never done. Once everyone has spoken they will need to count the objects they have left in their hand. The person with the most items left wins the game. If you are playing with candy or money then the person who wins could take the contents of the bowl as a prize. Or a great Wedding Shower gift to remember would be a nice prize! It is always fun to have party favors for all the guests so no one feels left out!

The Apron Game
Aprons aren't just for cooking! Free Wedding shower games make the Wedding shower a lot of fun. Here is a great game that you can play with your guests that is sure to make everyone's day. The apron game is so easy to play. Pin several useful items to an apron and have the bride wear the apron at the party for several minutes. Then she will leave the room and you will have the guests try to remember everything that was pinned to the apron. Have them write their guesses down on a piece of paper. The person with the most guesses wins the Wedding shower prize and the bride gets to keep the apron and all items that were pinned to it. This is a great keepsake game that the bride. Give the other guests some party favors to remember this joyous occasion!

Mouse Trap Game
How quick can you wiggle the weenie and not get it snapped! If you have a few minutes before your guests are arriving and need a great Free Wedding shower game, here's the perfect one to get together. Believe it or not, they will love this game! The Mouse Trap Game is incredibly fun to play. You will need several mouse traps, a hot dog for each player, and plenty of string. Set the mouse traps and place them across the room. Have each player tie a hot dog on a string and have it dangle around their knees. The object is for the player to set off the mouse trap without getting the hot dog caught in the trap. The player to accomplish this goal wins the Wedding shower prize! Alternatively, if everyone ends up with their hot dog getting caught then the person with the longest hot dog wins. It is that simple and its lots of fun, too! Consolation prizes could be given to the other participants. These could be fun party favors!

Candy Bar Poems
You're a poet and you didn't even know it! Are you ready for a fun and light hearted Free Wedding shower game? Here we go! Candy Bar Poems will bring out the poet in your guests. Gather several different kinds of candy bars and other random items and have them arranged neatly on a tray, then cover the tray with a towel or blanket. Separate the guests into groups and reveal the contents of the tray to one group at a time for 30 seconds. The group will have to construct a poem about the bride and groom using words from the items on the tray. The team who uses all of the items on the tray wins the game. You could give the winning team Wedding shower party favors! It can be one of the most challenging games that you play but itís a great game for all your guests! Get as interesting as you can and as creative. Everyone will have a great laugh! This festive occasion will be remembered for many years to come! Free Bridal Shower Games with printable games that can be instantly printed right from your printer.  

Are you having a buffet?  Free printable food label cards add a lovely touch to any display of delicious chow at an engagement party or bridal shower.

Panty Hose Toss is a bridal shower game that involves a cut panty hose leg with a sock at the bottom. Once the pantyhose have a pair of socks in it, tie the end with room left over. Place a bowl 4 feet away. Each guest will take turns swinging the pantyhose between their legs and aiming it into the bowl. The first person who does it wins.
Here is a wedding custom about kissing that comes from the Swedish folk so everyone gets a shot at kissing the bride and groom. When the bride or groom happen to leave the room during the reception, eager guests line up for a kiss. Sounds like a pretty loving party!

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