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75 Printable Bridal Shower Games
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Printable Bridal Shower Games
Free Bridal Shower Games
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Career Resource Guide for Wedding Planners

A career as a wedding planner lets you be creative while making other peoples events and dreams come to life. The role you will pay as a wedding planner will ease the hosts mind as well as add an expert touch to their thoughts and ideas.

Becoming a Wedding Planner

Most people think becoming a wedding planner is easy and does not require much. This is not the truth at all. In order to be a wedding planner there are certain characteristics that a person must possess.

Time Management: A wedding planner must be punctual, able to manage the time allotted, follows a schedule and more.

Crafty: Nothing ever goes perfectly as planned. This is why a wedding planner must be crafty in every decision they make. Having a backup plan for the backup plan ensures that you will not get a disaster.

Personable: Able to communicate and relate to people is one of the biggest responsibilities of the wedding planner. The planner must be able to negotiate, communicate effectively ideas to vendors and more. Most importantly, they need to be able to relate and envision what the bride and groom want.

Entrepreneur: Most wedding planners are their own business. In this, savvy business knowledge is essential. The business goes by reputation and referrals and word of mouth go a long way. Networking is also a major endeavor.

Vision: The planner must be able to see colors and put them together. An overall ability to coordinate music, lighting, food, service, entertainment, venues and decorations is a must.

Startup Costs

General start up costs will vary depending on the market you want to aim towards. Most of the money investment will be in advertisement. Computer equipment and software will be an average of $1,000 while advertising will cost an average of $3,000. You will also need to make sure you have a wardrobe that is professional and a home office to work out of.

With this, the average salary for a wedding planner is between 10%-15% of the wedding. With weddings averaging about 15-20k, one wedding would be an income from $1,500 to $3,000. Depending on how well you rate among the wedding crowd will depend largely on performance and marketing.

Overall, becoming a wedding planner is more successful if you understand business and running your own establishment. Techniques and creativity will distinguish a wedding planner from the rest. Always remember, however, that the main idea of a wedding planner is to take the stress and burden off of the bride and groom. They hire the wedding planner for convenience as most people getting married in today’s time are older and have established careers. Free Bridal Shower Games with printable games that can be instantly printed right from your printer.  

Are you having a buffet?  Free printable food label cards add a lovely touch to any display of delicious chow at an engagement party or bridal shower.

Here is a wedding custom about kissing that comes from the Swedish folk so everyone gets a shot at kissing the bride and groom. When the bride or groom happen to leave the room during the reception, eager guests line up for a kiss. Sounds like a pretty loving party!

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